Since December of 2006, John Gillespie of The PC & MacHelp Centers has installed, maintained, updated and helped grow all of our IT Network, SAN and Co/Lo equipment.

Here at Leo Ticheli Productions in Birmingham, Alabama we have had zero, zip, nada downtime since John became involved. We produce all of the regional and some of the national production for GMC, Buick, and Cadillac. This means we must always be up and ready for the next deal from production to distribution.

If we ever had any issue from software to hardware John has been there 24/7 365. His ability to remote-in to analyze and correct any problem has been an extraordinary resource. His constantly updated knowledge of all software and networking, server and SAN hardware is impressive. There is nothing IT he doesn’t know about and understand. 

I consider him a good friend as well as a tremendous asset to our company. You can do no better than John and his partners at The PC & MacHelp Centers.

Tommy King

OM/Sr Editor

Leo Ticheli Productions

First, let me just say that I believe partnering with you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since working here. I have not been disappointed with one interaction we’ve had with your company from the beginning. Everyone there I have worked with is fantastic. FANTASTIC. 

That being said, I just have to give some extra props to Sean. He is absolutely amazing. I am constantly impressed by his knowledge and personality. You have a real rock star there – I just had to let you know how much we appreciate him.

I look forward to continuing to work and grow with you guys!!! Thank you for all that you do!

Rebecca Strader

Systems Administrator

BHC Integrated Support Services

We have had a great, ongoing relationship with PCHMC.

We started with PCMHC when they were still small. They have now grown to having several techs, but still keep the intimate type setting where they can understand your problems and come to us with timely solutions.

This to me is really important for small businesses to have, as we are not one of the tech savvy type companies of corporate America. 

I would recommend their services to anyone that I know that is looking.     

Terry Brooks